The Power of Perfumes & Aromatherapy

by tracey

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The Greek goddess Aphrodite, hid her nakedness behind a sprig of myrtle and in Greek the ancient word myrtle is directly derived from the word perfume, because they identified its fragrance with all that is beautiful and alluring.


Greek mythology also indicated that Hera, the queen of Olympian deities, used perfumed oil to seduce Zeus.

Perfumes like incense and essential oils had mystical, religious significance and their effects were predominantly of therapeutic or psychological nature.

Perfume was not considered simply an adornment or luxury but a vital necessity especially for the performance of sacred rituals. However, legends and early texts confirm that perfumes were used as a tool of seduction.

Certain oils that can evoke the warm atmosphere of their exotic countries of origin, or the warmth of easy summer days are classified as sensual. Essential oils such as ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, rose, and neroli all fall into this category.

As Above, So Below

new-moonA New Moon on Tuesday 23rd June…in the constellation of Cancer, this is a wonderful time to nurture your body and soul. A massage, good food, good friends – nurture and nourish with friends and family, lovers and like-minded!

Look Up in The Sky – The Universe, Yours To Discover

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Also, Check out your local astronomy group for activities in 2009.


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