Three Unexpected Essential Oils to Ease Stress

by tracey

Everyone knows lavender and chamomile oils help calm you and prevent stress, but they are not your only options. Listed below are three additional oils that ease stress, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is prized by many essential oil enthusiasts as a fragrant, calming remedy. It is one of the more expensive oils and requires approximately 60,000 roses to create a single ounce of oil. One way to save is to buy an oil blend, such as our rose oil blended with jojoba oil.In addition to relieving anxiety and stress, rose oil soothes skin irritation and acts as a remedy for menopausal symptoms.


Frankincense is sometimes considered a holiday oil, but its stress relieving qualities are effective year-round. The oil has an exotic fragrance and is considered soothing and warm by many users. Frankincense is also effective for repairing skin cells and fading scars, and is also used to treat a variety of respiratory health issues.


Vanilla is an excellent starter oil because it is a familiar, universally appealing fragrance. Many find the scent homey and reminiscent of their childhood. Vanilla is great for stress relief, but can also ease stomachaches and reduce food cravings.

Safety with Oils

No matter what essential oils you use and what conditions you are treating, it is important to remember a few important safety tips concerning oils.

First, never apply undiluted oils directly to the skin. Pure massage oils should be blended with base oils before use. Oils should also be spot tested on the skin before significant use to determine if an allergic reaction will occur.

If you choose to burn your stress relieving oils in an oil burner, be sure the burner is properly supervised. Never fall asleep with an open flame and carefully monitor electric burners, even when you feel confident they are safe.

Finally, purchase pure, 100% natural oils, as opposed to those with synthetic ingredients. This ensures you receive precisely what you are offered and prevents exposure to unnatural chemicals. Natural oils are often more potent than synthetic oils and have a better medicinal effect.

Interested in learning more about relieving stress using natural remedies? Check out my book on stress relief.

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