Treating Insomnia with Essential Oils

by tracey

Insomnia is an ongoing problem with getting to or staying asleep. It not only affects a person during the night, the lack of restorative sleep insomnia causes wreaks havoc on a person’s health. Most people understand feeling groggy or out of it during the day when they need to awaken early or they stay up extra late. Imagine if you felt that way every single day. This is what it feels like to suffer from insomnia.

There are many causes for insomnia and if you are struggling with the disorder, you need to see a sleep specialist. She can help you rule out any serious medical conditions and suggest several options for coping with your condition. In addition to working with medical professionals, there are some natural remedies that help ease insomnia. Essential oils are one of the best remedies to ease mild insomnia or to add to a more complicated treatment plan when insomnia is a serious concern.

Essential oil can be incorporated into your sleep routine in a variety of ways. A cotton ball with a few drops of oil by your bedside enables you to inhale the aroma throughout the night. Bed linen sprays accomplish the same thing and envelope you in the calming aroma. A bedtime ritual of bathing in a warm bath with essential oils also helps you calm and prepare for sleeping. Massage has a similar effect. You can request a massage from your partner just before bedtime or massage oil into your own feet and hands as you climb into bed.

There are specific oils you will want to use for any of these sleep enhancing rituals. Non-stimulating oils are best. The most relaxing oils include chamomile, lavender, and clary sage. Relaxing oils typically feature a heady fragrance that is deep, smooth, and calming. Avoid brighter fragrances related to citrus or mint around bedtime because they spark energy and awaken the senses.

Essential oils are one of the best natural remedies for easing insomnia. The right oils can help even the worst of insomniacs sleep like a baby.

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