Types of Essential Oils and Massage Oils

by tracey

As a health consultant I can help people choose the right essential oils and massage oils. There are different types of oils that correspond to different functionalities on the human body.

Mood oils are used either to relax ones mood or to enhance or uplift ones mood depending on the situation. Therapeutic oils or blended oils are intended to enhance the health of the skin. These are mostly used for acne or to improve the complexion of the skin. Base oils are those which are used along with other essential oils to be made into massage oil. These are known in the industries as organic oils and these are highly potent and, hence, must be used in only in a small proportion and never directly on the skin.

Aromatherapy is great when combined with massage oils. The person receives benefits of the oils through their aroma as they are being massaged. The natural blends of certain oils can tend to tickle the moods of the customer and can give clear thoughts, thereby giving them a relief for mental pressure as well as a physical massage.

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