Using Essential Oils to Cope with Illness

by tracey

As the seasons change, many people find themselves susceptible to illness. Whether it is a head cold that causes minor annoyance or a full-blown case of the flu, essential oils can help you feel better naturally. For centuries, natural oils have been used for medicinal purposes. In most cases, over-the-counter cold medications mask the symptoms of the illness. They numb your discomfort and help you sleep. Many of them leave your mind feeling foggy and your body feeling more lethargic than if you just let cold run its course. Essential oils boost your body’s natural defense and healing system, allowing you to actually heal faster. Many of them also ease the symptoms, but they help you keep a clear mind and energize you.

Free Pictures | acobox.comIf you want to trade in your traditional cold medicines for essential oil remedies, it is best to take action the moment you feel ill. Colds and flu usually begin with a feeling of exhaustion a day or two before full-blown symptoms set in. You may be sleepier than usual, or have a slight pressure in your sinuses. This is the time to act! The best thing about essential oils is that it is nearly impossible to overdose, so use them frequently to ward off the sickness. Even if you feel no symptoms, you may want to use oils when you find yourself in “high risk” situations. If a family member is ill, if you are spending time in an airplane, if something is “going around” you office, or if you have been under a lot more stress than usual, it will be beneficial to boost your immune system with oils. Combine essential oils with other methods for natural stress relief for the greatest benefit. Should you not realize you are getting ill until it is too late, natural pure oils can still help you heal faster and feel better during the course of the illness.

If you want to use essential oils to combat illness, you have a few choices. Lemon oil helps boost your system internally. It is also soothing for sore throats. Pure lemon oil may have a lightening effect on your skin, so use with caution if mixing it in bathwater. Oregano oil is a cold and flu powerhouse. It is important to dilute oregano oil with a base oil. Once it is mild enough, you can rub it into your shoulders, back, and feet. Frankincense is one of the most precious essential oils, but its immune boosting qualities make it well worth the price. It can be taken internally and does a wonderful job of fighting off those cold symptoms you just can not seem to shake. Eucalyptus is one of the best oils to use if you are congested. Its potent, clean smell will open your sinuses and clear your respiratory system. You can mix eucalyptus oil with a base oil and massage into the check, throat, and neck, or steep it in a boiling pot of water and inhale for five to ten minutes at a time. It also works great in a hot shower or bath when you are feeling ill. Peppermint oil has many of these same affects and can be used in massage oil or a bath.Free Pictures |

If cold and flu season have you feeling less than your best, there are a number of natural remedies to which you can turn. Instead of loading up on medicines that simply mask your symptoms, use essential oils to boost your immune system, ease your symptoms, and hasten the healing process. All of these oils are available for purchase at You can also purchase massage oil blends that are designed specifically to treat colds and flus. The Chest Rub for Colds oil blend eases chest congestion and helps the immune system fight off infections. The blend is made of  tea tree, eucalyptus, pine and lemon oils blended with premium cold-pressed sweet almond, apricot and macadamia nut oils. The Breathe Easy Blend breaks down head congestion, eases breathing, controls mucus and fevers, and clears and soothes the respiratory system. Other blends include the Hay Fever Ease Blend, the Sinus Soother Blend, and the XXXXChest Rub for Colds.

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