What is Adulterated Essential Oil?

by tracey

EssentialOilsUnfortunately, not all essential oils are made the same. There is an increasing amount of essential oil on the market that is low-quality or adulterated. Adulterated oils are mixed with other things, making it possible to produce inexpensive oil. Though this makes it possible for more people to purchase and enjoy oil, it is delivering a low-grade, and possibly dangerous, oil.

One of the most common adulterated oils is frankincense. Many versions of frankincense include alcohol, gum resin, and various solvents. These chemicals can lead to burns, irritation, and weakened benefits of the oil.

Another of the most common adulterated oils today is lavender. A large portion of lavender oil on the market is actually lavandin. It comes from Russia, China, France, or Tasmania, and is then mixed with synthetic chemicals. In addition to the lavandin, the compound contains linalyl acetate, various petrochemicals, camphor, and propylene glycol. It is then marketed at lavender oil. This is dangerous because consumers use the product as natural lavender oil, which it is not. As a matter of fact, lavandin can cause counter-effects for many of the problems lavender oil eases.Lavender1

In addition to adulterated oils, there are also completely synthetic versions of common oils. Some of the world’s best known manufacturing companies use synthetic oils in their products, claiming the benefits of the given oil, but rarely pointing out the oils used in their products are man-made.

It is important for consumers to remember that even pure oils can be dangerous if not used properly. However, nothing compares to the danger of using and an oil that is not what you think it is. Those shopping for oils need to research the product and ensure it is pure. Buy from reputable essential oil companies and focus on quality and not price. This ensures your essential oil collection provides the results you expect.

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