Why Base Oils are Important

by tracey

Base oils are often overlooked when people shop for massage oils. They are not exciting, they lack the pleasant aroma of other oils, and some offer only a few health benefits, compared to other types of oil. Unfortunately, if practitioners fail to invest in quality base oils, their essential oil work will fail. Base oils offer protection and make it possible to use other essential oils in an effective and efficient way.

Base Oils Dilute Essential Oils

Most essentials oils are too potent to apply directly to skin. In many cases, undiluted oils can be downright dangerous. Blending a few drops of essential oil into a base oil makes a safe, effective concoction.

Base Oils Extend the Life of Essential Oils

Even in cases when it might be safe to apply an undiluted essential oil to skin, it can be a waste to do so in large amounts. Adding several drops of essential oil to base oil to create a scented massage oil makes a little expensive oil go a long way. Since less essential oil is needed to create an effective solution, base oils extend the life of an essential oil supply.

Sensitive oils also hold up better when blended with base oils. Whereas a certain oil might go rancid after a couple of days, blending it with a base and storing it properly can extend its life by a few weeks.

Base Oils Enhance Essential Oils

On top of all the other reasons to invest in quality base oils, it is important to realize base oils do have a few benefits of their own. Base oils can be moisturizing and nourish skin, which is especially important in dry climates or when the weather is extremely cold. Base oils can also flush the system of toxins and create cleaner, healthier skin.

If your goal in 2014 is to assemble an effective, healing collection of essential oils, make sure you include a variety of base oils that are high-quality and long-lasting.

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